Easter Blessings

Happy Easter! Feeling very blessed this Easter weekend.
Love to all! Only 3 more weeks until our little E arrives. So grateful for
my Savior and BECAUSE OF HIM we will live forever as a family. 



When I turned LDS Conference on today this was the first quote I heard and
I knew I needed to remember it so I made this picture to share. It was very
powerful as I thought of my kids growing up in these turbulent times.


Turkey Sandwich

I made this sandwich today and we all really liked it.

Healthy Turkey Sandwich:

100% Whole Wheat Bread
Hummus -spread like Mayo
Deli Turkey (nitrate free at our house)
Cottage Cheese 
A pinch of pepper


Preschool Days

We are officially done with Spring Break and I'm back to teaching another
5 weeks until we are done for the year and I am on baby leave. We have had
some fun projects this year and are almost done with the alphabet!


Cheesecake Love

My pregnancy is coming to a close. Only 7 short weeks until we meet our little
guy but I recently found out I may have gestational diabetes plus I'm anemic...
joy. I had the lovely pleasure of a 3 hour blood test this last week and will find
out my results this week. I have a sweet tooth for cheesecake and let me tell you
this Costco Cheesecake is amazing! Sad it may be my last for quite some time. :(


Meal Planning

This last week during Spring Break I have finally started to meal plan. I try to
go to the store only twice a week to hit all the deals but find myself there more
than that just to keep dinner on the table each night. We have a lot of mouths to
feed and a simple ingredient missing throws dinner off and I end up making up
recipes. This meal is one of them although it turned out yummy. I sauteed zucchini,
baked chicken in equal amounts of water, orange juice, and crushed pineapples, and
added almonds with brown rice. It happened to be our St. Patrick's Day dinner and
with the little green in the zucchini we called it good...lol. It is such a relief to have it
all planned out! My meal planning plans this week:

-Check all grocery store ads and ad match at Walmart
-Double check ads at Cents'able Shoppin' website
-Check recipes I have already at home that go along with this week's sales
-Go to my Pinterest Food & Heart Health Pins for ideas
-Organize it all in breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
-Go shopping

Pinterest Recipes we will be trying this next week:
Guacamole Hummus 
Crockpot Chicken with Apple & Sweet Potato


Two Year Old's

Wow have we been busy and lazy..... This kid is quite the handful. Spring Break
and trying to potty train is turning into a train wreck! He just isn't ready and
would rather put the potty seat on his motorcycle and zoom around the house
(yes, it was clean at the time of this picture). A fridge lock has also now been
installed. Otherwise I have been nesting and in cleaning mode these 2 weeks.
Baby #5 is coming in 8 short weeks.... Poor kids haven't done much of anything
fun for spring break except spend some time at the grandparents while their cousins
and friends live it up in Hawaii and Disneyland. They will get over it. Happy Spring!


Sugar Cookies

President's Day was spent baking sugar cookies for the first time in over a year
with my two youngest. Note to self....don't use flour from your freezer that has
been sitting in there for 2 years. I need to buy some new flour next time. Freezer
taste can't be covered up with pink lemonade frosting. *Noted* I found a recipe
I absolutely LOVE last year! It's the only one I use found {HERE} from Makoodle.