Instagram LOVE

I've been MIA here and there over this past year but I update my Instagram almost
everyday so go follow me there. I hope to really be serious about blogging soon.
Lets be real.... five kids (a nursing newborn), being a wife, homeschooling, and a
household to maintain keeps me pretty busy for now.


Carefree Summer

As we settle into our new routines and learn the ups and downs of homeschooling
again I reflect back on the carefree days these kids just had. We will miss it.


Whole 30

Our baby is now 7 weeks! Time is speeding by! I am so over not feeling well
and taking forever to lose my baby weight like I did with my other kids.
Once I found this challenge WHOLE 30 I was on board. Clean eating for 30 days
is exactly what I CAN do. I've already given up dairy and most sugar for the
baby's sake and so it really was to eliminate ALL sugar and gluten soy etc..
I started today. Follow along on my Instagram at pricelessheritage.


Awesome Printable

Enjoy a free printable for your awesome teachers. I attached them to
gift cards to thank our kid's teachers for an awesome school year. Just
click image and save to your computer and print as you wish.


Baby is HERE

Our sweet little baby has arrived! A long labor of 15 hours from start to finish
unmedicated until the last 15 minutes when I just couldn't take the pain anymore
and basically begged for an epidural. They told me I couldn't have one after I was a
six....well they lied. I was in full transition and about a 8-9 and through hard contractions
they gave me one. He was born just a few minutes later. Essential oils played a big part
in my pregnancy and labor and post baby. I will be posting how much they helped me


Power of Pregnancy

The time has come! My contractions are kicking in and my days of pregnancy are soon to be over this weekend. A closed chapter in my life. A bittersweet one indeed. I usually love most of pregnancy and the power that comes with it but with the more kids it has become challenging juggling it all. I will soon be a mother of FIVE.....like my mother. One of the best Mother's Day presents for sure.


Preschool Graduation

Preschool is officially over at my house and I can resume my normal life! What
a fun year full of memories and sweet little ones in my home. I had a lot of fun
organizing our graduation party "Oh The Places You'll Go" for my Pre-K students.
The day before my 3 year old class had a fun Luau Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
goodbye party. Pinterest was definitely my inspiration for the parties but I added
a few touches too. You can find the fabulous sign to buy {HERE} and the graduation
hat idea {HERE}. I found the yummy tiny swirly suckers at Walmart in the wedding
cake decorating area and added paper Easter grass in glass salad dressing bottles
for a fun look. Smarties, cupcakes, cookies, and licorice for my sweet students too.
They each took home a flower stem also. The plant below was such a fun gift....
I laughed pretty hard as this little girl wet her pants quite a bit this school year.We
used the parachute as a hot air balloon prop for our program background. The Mr.
is quite creative. :)