Vitamin E Beauty Secret

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One of my FAVORITE beauty tips is using Vitamin E to reduce wrinkles. 
I use it every night and every morning under my eyes. The part of the
face that gets puffy and wrinkly as we age. I have noticed HUGE
improvement and hear it is an ancient beauty secret! All you do is pop
open a pill with your fingers or cut off the tip with scissors and squeeze
on your finger and rub upward on your face under your eyes. I also use it
on my fingernails to improve my cuticles and swallow a pill a day to
improve my over all health. 

Did you know there are TWO kinds? A lot of brands (including the one pictured)
are synthetic. The BEST for your skin is the Vitamin E that contains  
D-alpha tocopherol.The other kind DL-alpha tocopherol is NOT as good for
you because it is the synthetic kind. I will be buying the D-alpha from now
on. Please check with your doctor to make sure Vitamin E is for you before
using.**Did you see BELOW....WE MOVED.... Check it out! ;)

**This blog has moved to www.motherhoodtype.com come follow along!