I'm so grateful that our family is forever. I'm so grateful I have the Gospel
in my life that teaches we will live again after we pass from this earth.
We lost our brother a few weeks ago to alcohol addiction. The pain is
unbearable for our family and we have been on a roller coaster the last five
years as we watched him spiral down from such a beautiful life but we know
he can overcome this great trial and be with us forever. Our faith in our
Heavenly Father comforts us with this knowledge and we will keep his
memory alive and now go help others through a project we are going start.
It will be small at first but we hope to reach many. Love ya B!


Embark Family Theme

With the new year comes new adventures, goals, and purpose. I have wanted
to have a family theme this year to work towards and help to strengthen us
as a family. The Mr. is our wards Young Men President and they along with
the Young Women in our church worldwide have the same theme. I love
the idea of anchoring our family, giving service, and starting on new adventures
this year. I want to be specific and really move forward. Time is ticking away
in our busy lives and I want to look back from our journey we call life full of
purpose and accomplishment. Follow along on my Pinterest Board EMBARK
for ideas. I'm hoping to have one new thing weekly posted on the blog that our
family uses in our Family Home Evening which uses our yearly theme. 

DIY Frame

I found this treasure at a yard sale for $1.00! It had a mirror I popped out and then
spray painted the brown wood white and distressed it with sand paper.  Added some
fabric I got at JoAnn's Fabric and a quote I printed that I found on Pinterest {Here}. 


New Year Goals Take 36

It's a NEW year and a NEW me! I say this every year and every year I really
mean it. I had a birthday a few months ago and The Mr. and kids gave me
a cupcake with way too many candles in it. All bunched together with little
room for more. This kinda upset me because it made me feel old. It got me
to really think about where I'm going for the next 36 years and who I want
to become. I've already done, experienced, and accomplished a lot in all
these years but there is so much more to do. First off I need to be HEALTHY
and so starting today I began another round of WHOLE30. Over the summer
I made it 45 days fully and changed how I ate for the most part but slipped
again over the holidays. Cheesecake, chocolate, and Dr. Pepper Freeze from
Taco Bell are my weakness! So here is to another round of goals to shape me
up again.

2015 GOALS: 

HEALTH- Food & Exercise start with WHOLE30 & Oils
FAMILY- Time & Relationships
CHURCH- Temple, Family History, Callings, Visiting Teaching
FRIENDS- Time & Making New Ones
SERVICE- Family, Friends, Church, New Moms Meals, Sunshine Boxes
CREATE- Projects, Artwork, Sew, Photos, Write (Get Published!)
BLOG- Everyday, Print Blog Books, Blog Makeover Switch
ORGANIZE- Home, Car, Blog, Pinterest Boards
SIMPLIFY- Everything
SALE- Continue to expand DaisyDel Designs on Instagram.
TEACH- Expand on the education the older kids are learning at
school and teach our younger kids at home.

**LIVE More, LAUGH More, LOVE More...NO Excuses!**


Elf Cookies

Our elf Buddy McJingles was such a hit this Christmas. The kids wanted
to make him elf cookies when we made Santa cookies on Christmas Eve.
My son came up with the idea to use the cucumber punch we use to get
the cucumber seeds out of cucumbers. It worked great! All you do is bake
the cookies normally and then when the cookie is pulled out of the oven and
cooled off you punch out the middle to make mini cookies for your elf.
Decorate them along with Santa's cookies. I'm pretty sure Santa was happy
we were taking such good care of our elf he sent us. Store bought cookies
would work too just punch out the middle and put on plate. EASY and fun! 

Our Elf

Our elf Mr. Buddy McJingles came to play the last 12 days of Christmas.
The kids have begged for one to come to our home for 2 years and he
finally arrived hiding in a stinky sock in their dirty laundry! Lots of giggles
and some tears (our 3 year old was a little afraid at first). We hope he comes
full of fun memories next Christmas. We had some rules for him like no
bathrooms or bedrooms which put the kids at ease and also we explained he
just had the magical spirit of Christmas in him which made him do all the
silly things but only works during the holidays so he is now packed nicely
in his box put away with the decorations.


Thankful For Family

While playing with our kids with our little people collection one thing led to
another and we created our own family portrait. I'm so very grateful and
thankful for my family past and present. This features our 5 kids, The Mr.
and I, our dog, our kids grandparents, and our loved ones who have passed
on from this life including my mom, a miscarried baby, and our old dog.
We have ancestors represented from our great heritage of pioneers, kings,
and an Indian Chief. Love my family and all of the stories we have to tell
our kids. Happy Thanksgiving!


Inspirational Sunday

Every Sunday I plan on posting an inspirational quote with a picture.
This is my all time favorite picture of our Savior.