Easter Frame Craft

 Another late night Easter frame craft came together so lovely. 

- decorative frame
-8x10 felt sheet (Walmart)
-wooden E (Walmart)
-wooden bird (Walmart)
-ribbon (Walmart)
-spray paint (JoAnn's Green & RUST-OLEUM Sun Yellow & Berry Pink)
-glue gun

You can make one too!

Remove the glass from frame and spray paint frame.
Spray paint the letter and bird.
Cut felt to fit the inside of the frame.
Hot glue the outside edges of felt piece to frame.
Hot glue the dried letter E to frame.
Hot glue the dried bird to the letter E.
Tie white tulle/ribbon to frame.
Tie yellow ribbon around the white tulle/ribbon.

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Easy Bunny Treat Bags

Super easy bunny treat bags were a hit today with the kids. My mom use
to make these with her preschoolers 30 years ago and we have carried on the
tradition. We filled them with their favorite snack of homemade popcorn. 

*All you need is popcorn (or treats), scissors, pens, and white 
paper lunch bags.


DIY Gumball Jewelry

Spring Break St. Patrick's Day crafts continue. Real gumball bracelets
and necklaces were a favorite for Little Miss. Walmart carries the
gumballs in the wedding section in a variety of colors. Grab a few
ribbon packages for under a dollar and create. I cut the larger ribbon
in half and used a small cleaned screwdriver to poke the holes (go slow
because they may start to break apart). A large needle would work better
to thread the ribbon through the holes. It is real gum so keep away from
small children. We learned that the hard way with our sneaky three year
old who devoured half of one of the necklaces already.


St. Patrick's Day Crafts

The kids are home for Spring Break which means lots of entertainment on my part.
Today was craft day for Little Miss. St. Patrick's day banner, treat cups, and gum
 ball jewelry made the cut. 

To make:
 Cut ribbon to fit the cup and tape the back.
Pick up the cutest chalkboard labels ever at Walmart and have your kids write the letters on them.
Poke holes through each cup and string ribbon through them. Tie extra ribbon for a whimsy look.


Two Week Meal Plan

Two week meal plans are perfect for those that are only paid twice a month.
If you are like us we spend our money much faster than we plan to and by
the time the next week comes our money is super tight and we end up eating
food like macaroni and cheese and breakfast for dinner. When we finally decided
not having enough food for a well balanced dinner every night was NOT okay
we were able to focus and plan better. The Saturday after payday I go
shopping and buy everything needed for two weeks worth of meals. We
usually have some ingredients that carry over from the previous two weeks
too which helps to save money. We pull out cash to eat out twice per paycheck
too. Nothing fancy just enough to feed us all at a restaurant like Panda Express,
Costa Vida, or even Taco Bell for our crazy busy nights. The kids are still little
so as the years go by we will need to budget more for growing kids. We get
great use out of the crock pot and today our home smells of ranch pork chops.

Beef Taco Bake (no original source....family meal as a kid)

package of ground beef (brown first)
tortillas (cook if uncooked)
1 cup mild salsa
1/2 cup milk
1 large can tomato sauce
2 cups shredded cheese
1 can olives
sour cream (for topping after baked)

Mix beef, salsa, sauce, and milk together. Layer pan with tortillas. Layer 
tortillas with beef sauce. Layer beef sauce with cheese. Repeat.

Cover with tin foil and Bake 350 degrees in glass dish for 30-45 mins

Add olives and sour cream. Enjoy! Our kids loved it!


Motherhood Fears

Motherhood can be a scary time in a woman's life. The fears of being a good
mom can bring some to their breaking point. I have seen friends and family
members hand off their new babies to family shortly after bringing them 
home from the hospital because the anxiety and fear was too much for them. 
After some professional help and time to cope these women have grown to be
some of the best mother's I know. With every baby I had my fears too. How 
could I handle another child? How would I measure up in the end? Motherhood 
is meant to be a special time where mothers and children build strong bonds 
that last throughout life. I had a great mother who left this earth too early but 
those memories and sweet moments we shared help me to be a better mom and 
know I too can be a great mother. Follow these tips on ways to unlock your 
fears of motherhood.

1. Allow time to reflect on what kind of mother you want to be.
2. Talk to other mothers about concerns and questions you have.
3. Take a parenting class. Many subjects are available.
4. Get up every morning with a plan and positive thinking.
5. Take breaks to be alone even if for a minute. 
6. Believe in yourself.
7. Talk to your doctor if needed. 
8. Keep busy always working toward your goals. 
9. Start a journal and write your fears, dreams, and hopes down.
10. Trust God. He is there for you and prayers will bring comfort.


Mommy Brain Fog

Is your mommy brain a little more foggy these days? After five babies I seem more 
forgetful, have less energy, and almost always lose my mind once in awhile. Follow 
these five tips I have used to help save my sanity and clear the fog.

1.      Wake up before everyone in your family and get ready.
          Take a shower, put on makeup, fix your hair, and get dressed 
          as if you are going to leave your house even if you are not.
          I don't know how many times I had to run a last minute 
          errand or someone showed up expectantly to my home.

2.      Start your morning with purpose. 
         Say your prayers, read an uplifting book for a few minutes 
         and have a plan for the day.

3.      Stretch your body and have a moment of quiet breathing.
         This will refocus your mind and loosen any aching muscles.

4.     Make your bed, pick up the floor, and start laundry. 
        Starting chores early help us to not fall behind once the day
        starts moving quickly while shuffling the kids around.

5.     Show your BEST smile. 
        Many times we are down in our day and can bring those 
        around us down too. When we already plan to be happy we
        will feel better.   

Following these 5 Tips to Sanity will help to clear our ‘Mommy Brains’ and hopefully lessen our anxiety we may feel as a mother.  They don’t have to be in order as we may 
want to exercise before getting ready but either way it moves our morning along. Being 
a mother of ten or just one can be tough. As we decide at the beginning of our days how 
we will react to the many things that come our way we will feel more positive, peaceful, 
and be more productive.