Thankful For Family

While playing with our kids with our little people collection one thing led to
another and we created our own family portrait. I'm so very grateful and
thankful for my family past and present. This features our 5 kids, The Mr.
and I, our dog, our kids grandparents, and our loved ones who have passed
on from this life including my mom, a miscarried baby, and our old dog.
We have ancestors represented from our great heritage of pioneers, kings,
and an Indian Chief. Love my family and all of the stories we have to tell
our kids. Happy Thanksgiving!


Inspirational Sunday

Every Sunday I plan on posting an inspirational quote with a picture.
This is my all time favorite picture of our Savior.


Instagram LOVE

I've been MIA here and there over this past year but I update my Instagram almost
EVERYDAY. I hope to really be serious about blogging soon.
Lets be real.... five kids (a nursing newborn), being a wife, homeschooling, and a
household to maintain keeps me pretty busy but I LOVE blogging and will be
back soon. 


Whole 30 Journey

I am WHOLE 30! It was hard but so worth it! I am happy to have found
this program that didn't require any pills, diet drinks, or starving. It is all
about REAL food and LOTS of it. Three months post baby before I started
Whole 30 I had already lost 40 lbs which is usual for me while I continue
to nurse. After about 45 days on the Whole 30 I had lost an additional 20 lbs!
I felt better, slept better, and my moods were much better. I eliminated dairy,
grains, legumes, gluten, and sugars that weren't from fruits. I increased my
water intake to almost a gallon a day and I was amazed at how the pounds
melted off and my energy increased. When I first started regular potatoes still
weren't on the program of approved foods but half way through they had
approved them and once I started eating those everyday my energy increased
and I was fuller longer and continued to lose weight. I didn't exercise much
and probably could have increased my energy even more if I had. The program
has an amazing group of people on Instagram and through their posts of recipes,
encouragement, and success stories I pushed through each day. About
half way through I lost all desire for those extra bites of my kids meals, fast
food, and treats everyone around me enjoyed. My nursing baby benefited as well
while I'm sure my milk supply became richer and more filling to him. At times it
felt like I was eating the same thing all the time like the eggs, meats, potatoes,
and coconut milk but soon I wanted those foods all the time and didn't feel full
until I had them. The key to surviving the Whole 30 is preparation, determination,
motivation, and some time to pull it all together every day. I highly recommend
this way to lose weight and get healthy. I have completely changed my views on
food and finally understand how to become a healthy person.  I however have
added some sugars and cheese back into my diet. I have noticed an increase
of joint pain, sore muscles, and lack of energy. I plan on eliminating those items
for the most part soon and recommitting myself to full (well some chocolate
here and there) Whole 30 living. My favorite food that came from the Whole 30
was Coconut Butter.....oh the goodness!


Carefree Summer

As we settle into our new routines and learn the ups and downs of homeschooling
again I reflect back on the carefree days these kids just had. We will miss it.


Whole 30

Our baby is now 7 weeks! Time is speeding by! I am so over not feeling well
and taking forever to lose my baby weight like I did with my other kids.
Once I found this challenge WHOLE 30 I was on board. Clean eating for 30 days
is exactly what I CAN do. I've already given up dairy and most sugar for the
baby's sake and so it really was to eliminate ALL sugar and gluten soy etc..
I started today. Follow along on my Instagram at pricelessheritage.


Awesome Printable

Enjoy a free printable for your awesome teachers. I attached them to
gift cards to thank our kid's teachers for an awesome school year. Just
click image and save to your computer and print as you wish.


Baby is HERE

Our sweet little baby has arrived! A long labor of 15 hours from start to finish
unmedicated until the last 15 minutes when I just couldn't take the pain anymore
and basically begged for an epidural. They told me I couldn't have one after I was a
six....well they lied. I was in full transition and about a 8-9 and through hard contractions
they gave me one. He was born just a few minutes later. Essential oils played a big part
in my pregnancy and labor and post baby. I will be posting how much they helped me